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The role dehumidifiers play in drying a home, and how the efficiency is measured!

 This page is dedicated to the equipment used for extraction purposes. If you are looking for information on equipment like tools and meters, then go here. If you want information on dehumidifiers go here, and info on air movers can be found here. Other specialty equipment info can be found here.

  ExtratorExtraction is one of the most important aspects of water damage restoration and is usually the primary purpose for the emergency service restoration. The physical removal of water is 1200 times more efficient than drying. For this reason, the water extraction team will use different equipment is for different extraction purposes.

Let’s start with the vacuum systems and pumps because they tend to be the fist used. Pumps are used when water achieves depth, usually four inches or more. Flooded basementSump pumps are common in Ohio, and usually the replacement of a bad sump pump in the home or business achieves this need. In some cases, the depth is too great for a plumber to repair or replace the faulty pump, so as a restoration company, we would pump out the water with a trash pump, or other type of submersible pump. Once the water has been pumped down to an acceptable level, the licensed plumber can get to work on the source problem itself. In some rare instances, calling in a septic truck is needed, if the water in question is sewage of sludge like nature. Vacuum systems would be the next extraction equipment to be used. Portable extraction machines tend to be used on smaller losses or on commercial losses where hose runs are prohibitively long. The most common vacuum system is the extraction truck itself. As with a carpet cleaner, the vacuum system is run from the truck itself and the holding tanks are usually on the truck as well. The hoses are run from this system to the location of the water and other equipment is attached to the hose to perform the extraction itself.

Weighted extraction equipment is used to extract water from carpet and pad without disengaging the carpet from the tacks. Much like lawn mowers, weighted extractors can be simple and manual, or automatic and ride-able. The simple variety tend to be light and has to be moved on square at a time to compress the carpet and pad while keeping it under vacuum to extract the most water possible. The other end of the spectrum tends to be heavy and will use an electrical outlet to power the extractor’s movement, and is controlled by the operator standing on it.

The wand is probably the most recognized piece of extraction equipment because it is also used for carpet cleaning. The wand is the primary carpet water extractor tool for carpet without pad and carpet after weighted extraction in some cases. Other wands exist with different heads for different purposes. A squeegee head is handy for concrete or water with a slight sludge like matter in it.

 water extractorExtraction equipment is not necessarily limited to the list above. Any piece of equipment used for the removal of water through physical means and not evaporation would qualify for this category. There has been a lot of innovation in this area alone in the last ten years, and it can be expected to have more in the future. Don’t be surprised if something completely different from the above mentioned equipment comes into common use.

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